Why you should care about Elm?

Ensuring bug-free code in JavaScript is challenging, even when devoting considerable resources to testing, and this is partially due to fundamental elements of the JavaScript language design. As an alternative to JavaScript, the Elm language alleviates these issues by incorporating the essence of libraries like React and Redux while adding the advantages of pure functional programming and type inference. This results in code with increased reliability and maintainability, and furthermore yields an improved developer experience. Using own experience from months of building real world components, Tereza will explain why Elm’s design guides you towards well-architectured apps, sharing code and insights, so you can get an impression of the Elm life, while arming you for the gotchas you may encounter in the quest to make your life one too.

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Tereza Sokol

Tereza Sokol

Tereza grew up playing around with the Commodore 64 and IBM’s System. She is learning various currently dead languages, and yet the experience provided her with a solid understanding of programming languages and development. Later Tereza began working in web-development professionally mainly building large scale apps using React and friends. After years of experience, the reoccurring, rather silly, yet aggravating frustrations which come with developing in JavaScript had her looking for alternatives, especially within functional languages. This is where Tereza learned of Elm and since then she has been dedicated to its technical development as well as expanding its community.