Web applications: fractioning monolith

Today's Web "pages" increasingly turn into complex web apps with lots of code, data and other resources (styles, pics, you name it). For such an app, how can we deal with code versioning, updates, caching (appcache, service workers, zeit.co)?

Google plans to modularize mobile apps (instant apps) to be lightweight like Web pages. Meanwhile, a Web page utilizing a couple frameworks looks as lightweight as a hippo.

What kind of technology can sync code as well as data? Both code and data may reside in browser's memory, browser-side cache, network cache, CDN, on a prod server, staging server or a developer's own dear laptop. How can we modularize a Web app and deal with components flexibly? How can we version and update them?

I will report on my experiments that may (or may not) give us some leads in answering that many questions.

Talk presentation:

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Victor Grishchenko

Victor Grishchenko

Victor graduated from the mathematics and mechanics faculty of USU. He worked at the Bank of Russia, Yandex, TU Delft. Currently he is engaged in data synchronization and own project Swarm.