Sharing files and data with friends using a P2P shared folder powered by javascript

Mathias will talk about his latest project — fully open source, 100% P2P implementation of a modular "dropbox" written in Javascript. A shared folder where multiple people can share files with each other by simple dropping them, no matter how large. Mathias will tell about the technical aspects of this and make a bunch of demos. In addition, he'll show the implications of this for modern data science workflows.

Talk presentation:

Download presentation.
Mathias Buus Madsen

Mathias Buus Madsen

Mathias is a non-profit Node.js hacker based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He works full time on open source and in the Dat project, trying to build open tools to help scientists share datasets. Currently he maintains more than 400 modules on npm including a bunch of P2P and mad science stuff.