Rich text editing with Draft.js

Rich text editing is super hard. Many developers nowadays don't build rich text experiences and if they do they are very limited. This is because rich text editing is inherently hard and features like the HTML attribute contenteditable are broken. Only few companies like Medium provide a solid solution, but they never open sourced it.

Draft.js was released earlier this year and is a rich text editing framework that fixes contenteditable and syncs the DOM to a immutable data-structure. This allows you to control the rendering with React components as well as manipulating the content in nice and sane way.

In the talk Nik will explain how the data-structure works and show how decorators, block renderers and style-maps can be used to create features like @-mentions, drag & drop images, linkify or hashtags and combine them in one editor.

Talk presentation:

Download presentation.
Nikolaus Graf

Nikolaus Graf

Nik is a developer with heavy focus on UX. He co-created several popular open source projects like DraftJS Plugins & Carte Blanche and earlier this year Nik participated in Stripe’s Open Source Retreat. He organises the ReactJS Vienna Meet-up and recently joined the startup Serverless.