Koa and middleware evolution

It has been long time since TC39 promised to free us from the callback hell the first time. Currently, promises are the most common way to solve the problem of organizing asynchronous code. Meanwhile, the V8 team announced their plans to natively support async functions. In his talk Eugene will cover the differences between Koa v1, which uses generators, and the next version, which is based on async/await approach. For getting the idea behind Koa, Eugene will dive into the history of JS and try to figure out how language evoulution affects middleware-based web frameworks. Also, in this talk you will see some real Koa use cases, performance benchmarks and discover why async functions are not replacment for generators.

Talk presentation:

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Eugene Pshenichnyy

Eugene Pshenichnyy

Eugene is a JavaScript developer for 4 years. Since 2012 he has worked on songsterr.com as a frontend engineer. In 2015 he joined CodeHipsters team as a fullstack developer. The same year CodeHipsters released ficus.io: web presentation tool that helps to communicate with the audience in real-time. Ficus.io is a scalable microservice-based application that built on top of Koa web framework. Besides coding, Eugene blogs about JavaScript (vk.com/codehipsters) and participates in development local JS/frontend community.