How modern libraries and frameworks work with DOM

Everyone knows that React uses VirtualDOM. Some people know how this VirtualDOM looks like. But few people know how the comparison of the two versions VirtualDOM is realised, as calculating the minimum required mutations. The same situation with Angular: many of us know about it, but for other people is a mystery how a change of the object's properties is converted into a DOM change.

This talk is for those who are interested to learn how modern libraries and frameworks work with the DOM; for those who do not have enough time to explore each of them independently. Themes will be discussed: VirtualDOM in React, Updating Opcodes in Glimmer 2, Change Detectors in Angular2.

Talk presentation:

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Viacheslav Slinko

Viacheslav Slinko

Web developer with a decade of experience. Viacheslav started his developer's career on the classics — from the backend in PHP. He has been gradually expanding knowledge and experience: tried different languages and technologies, was involved in DevOps, raised servers, managed projects and teams. For the last 4 years, Viacheslav focuses his attention on the front-end and on working with teams. He works at CIAN company as the head of front-end development team.