Handmade remote (dev)tools

Sooner or later there is a need for our own tools, because existing tools don't fit out needs, or there is a technical specific of the project. Development of tools that work in a browser is a challenge, but also we often need them to work remotely (out of page). And that's all scares a lot, because developer has much to do and much to understand how it works. But what if most of the problems have already been solved by someone and you can only focus on main goals of your tool? What if such tool will be able to work in any WebView, whether it is built into the browser, editor or another application on the same or another device? The talk is about remote tools: what are the difficulties and how to avoid them, how to stop being afraid and start making your own tools for your own needs and technology stack.

Talk presentation:

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Roman Dvornov

Roman Dvornov

Function lead of frontend at Avito. Author of basis.js, maintainer of CSSO, CSSTree, Component Inspector and others. The researcher, evangelist for web standards, inspirer, critic and speaker. Most interested in the architecture and infrastructure of large single page applications and related subjects.