debugger is not just a JavaScript statement. It’s the possibility to have a breakpoint, stop and look around. Look around to understand what is going on. Why that or another solution does not work or works differently from what we have expected. Every project we deal with as developers will be used by users. But as developers, and especially JavaScript developers, far too often we are placed in the exclusive context of the tasks we solve at this very moment without paying attention to what happens around us, without thinking about how our work will be used in the end product. The modern developer has to be a craftsman: he has to know how to choose material, handle it and present a product, suitable for this particular user or this particular user group. During this talk Denis will try to set debugger; for yourselves: look around and understand what is going on in the world of our “materials” that we should be using in our work like design, UX, psychology. Also speaker along with the audience will try to understand why, in addition to everything else, a modern developer has to understand these as well.

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Denys Mishunov

Denys Mishunov

Denys is a frontend developer living and working in Norway. He has more than 12 years of experience with a wide range of frontend tasks. Being originally on "CSS side" of development, for the last years Denys has been building javascript applications, continuing breaking CSS, abusing HTML and working with optimization of pretty much all aspects of the frontend at Digital Garden AS ( and Passionate about science, history, psychology, in his day-to-day job Denys enjoys getting to the heart of the matter of things and processes. Cycling, photography, impressionist paintings and many more can trigger his attention.