Building Interactive npm Command Line Modules

Here you are coding away, when you realize you are in desperate need of a quick shell script to get your project cleaned up. You are standing at a fork in the road: Bash or Node? You choose the road less travelled by (for some reason) — Node. Irina congratulates you on this decision. You have written it, you may have published it, and it certainly works. But what now? Is this all a command line module Node is good for: a project clean up and some data manipulation?

Along with an audience, Irina is going to take a step further and make a command line module that's more than just your compiling script. Irina, of course, means making it more interactive. In this talk, she wants to take listeners on an adventure that will require cunning, bravery, and maybe some magic. Irina along with attendees will walk through obtaining and parsing data, using Node's process functions, and finally improving the module's user experience.

Talk presentation:

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Irina Shestak

Irina Shestak

tl;dr javascript, wombats and hot takes. Irina is a London via Vancouver software developer. She spends quite a bit of her time exploring the outdoors, gushing over trains, and reading some Beatniks.