Approaches to modern web applications

Web is not only page. People make web applications, and people want to use the web-based applications.

Yes, web technology are well, but web applications are a serious undertaking. Applications work with a lot of data, tricky logic, impressive interfaces. People expect from applications a responsiveness during a bad connection, correctness, collaboration. They saw that Google Docs may this, and they also want it. But how to make Google Docs and do not get tired?

The talk answers the question: how to organize the architecture to a) do b) modern, c) a non-trivial web application and d) not get exhausted? Where to begin? What are the main parts? How can they look like? Nikita will consider possible data models, rendering, synchronization, event log, server-side rendering, teamwork and work offline. Applications demand approach. Good, bad, thorough — even meaningful. The talk is about the approach.

Talk presentation:

Download presentation.
Nikita Prokopov

Nikita Prokopov

Nikita is Clojure hacker from Siberia. He builds backends, web apps and distributed systems in Clojure for a living; writes blogs about Clojure, web and UX. He’s the author of DataScript, Rum, Fira Code and AnyBar.